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City ordinances, which are laws, rules, and regulations imposed by the city, are enacted with the goal of increase the safety or well-being of residents within city limits. City ordinances generally do not address serious criminal matters; rather, they focus on issues that relate to the day-to-day lives of city residents. For example, a city ordinance may not be applicable to a case of robbery or burglary, but it does play a role in situations such as selling alcohol with no license, engaging in construction without permits, noise violations, and discharging fireworks within the Houston city limits.

The penalties for violating a city ordinance differ significantly from those of the typical Class C traffic violations. The particular penalty depends largely on the nature of the violation itself. For example, some violations in zoning or business may result in suspended and revoked licenses, while others can carry fine amounts from $500 to $2,000 per offense. And unlike most traffic convictions, which will result in fine only, city ordinance violations can result in serious jail time.

If you are charged with a city ordinance violation, it is essential to prepare with an experienced attorney who understands the city court system and has delivered positive results to other clients in similar situations. Engaging the legal process without a legal professional at your side can greatly diminish your chances of finding success, and you may find yourself facing stiff financial penalties or losing an important business license if you choose to navigate the process alone. Our attorneys at Rene Gonzalez & Associates, PLLC has over 35 years experience in handling cases involving city ordinance violations, and have the skills necessary to provide you with a strong defense to prevent a minor charge from seriously interfering with your life and your plans.