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All traffic violations are serious offenses, and should never be taken lightly. In fact, the State of Texas treats all traffic violations as criminal charges, and a conviction for a simple speeding ticket is considered a criminal conviction. Many people who have been ticketed for a traffic offense do not take their situation seriously enough; however, accepting a guilty charge for traffic violations is a highly risky proposition that may carry severe consequences. Not only can points pile up with traffic charges that can affect your license, some traffic convictions may result in the loss of driving privileges and expose you to thousands of dollars in surcharges. A serious traffic ticket conviction may greatly increase your car insurance rates. License suspension can result in the loss of employment when driving is required as part of your duties. Some convictions have heavy fines and possible jail time.

Rene Gonzalez & Associates, PLLC has over 60 years of combined experience practicing in this area of law, and has successfully helped over 300,000 clients fight their traffic cases. Not all traffic offenses are created equal. At Rene Gonzalez & Associates, we are thoroughly familiar the severity of the different types of traffic offenses. For example, court costs for a failure to maintain financial responsibility charge may seem low at first; however, a conviction will oftentimes be accompanied by hundreds of dollars in surcharges in order to keep your driver’s license valid. And even though an alcohol-related offense, such as possession of an open container, is charged as a Class C misdemeanor, it can have a much more serious affect on your record and future than a conviction of an equipment violation with the same range of punishment. Rarely will significant consequences such as these be disclosed to you by the prosecution, and you need an experienced attorney to protect you from these adverse outcomes.

We are also highly experienced in defending individuals facing criminal charges involving accidents, such as failure to control speed. These types of offenses can be especially complex due to the accompanying civil or insurance disputes. How you plead to a traffic offense associated with an accident can greatly impact the outcome of those civil claims. Our goal is not only to save you from a criminal conviction, but also minimize or prevent the impact an accident may have on your license or insurance.

We understand how high the stakes can be when you are fighting a traffic offense, and the hardships you will face if you are sentenced to jail or lose your driving privileges. Our firm provides clients with aggressive, high quality legal representation, so that your chances of a successful case outcome are greatly improved. We are seasoned legal professionals that will explain your legal alternatives and how best to proceed with your case.

At Rene Gonzalez & Associates, PLLC, we help our clients to fight their charges and take control of the situation. We have handled over 810,000 traffic cases and have vast experience with the issues that prosecutors consider when pressing charges. With this extensive background, our firm can provide you with a unique insight into defense strategies that can assist you in obtaining a successful outcome to your charges.